The Global Leader in Weather-Based Analytics & Business Intelligence
It's time to take your trading strategies to the next level.

Weather Trades offers you the unparalleled competitive advantage of pro-actively planning for the weather over a year in advance! Why wait and react when it’s already too late? Our unique insights use proprietary forecasting methodology built on math, statistics, dozens of weather variables

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Products & Services

Weather Trades is the only company in the world providing highly accurate year-ahead business weather guidance for all 195 countries and 6.4 million locations worldwide. Our business planning portal helps you determine the most favorable time periods for your business/products in any global region, plan year-over-year

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Forecasting Technology

Developed over 22 years with 200,000+ man hours and 100,000+ hours of computer time, and generating forecasts for 6.4 million locations in all 195 countries and islands,  a forecast Weather Trends issued one year ago is more accurate than every other weather company’s 5-14 day forecast.

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