Products & Services

Weather Trades is the only company in the world providing highly accurate year-ahead business weather guidance for all 195 countries and 6.4 million locations worldwide. Our business planning portal helps you determine the most favorable time periods for your business/products in any global region, plan year-over-year changes based on historical weather, gain insight into global energy demand with accurate weather predictions,  and more.  This online client web portal provides the world’s most comprehensive weather content from day 1 to 11-months out, and more than 20 years of historical weather data for millions of locations in all 195 countries.

Specific online reports and web tools include:

Aggregations of hi/lo temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, CDD, and HDD 11-months in advance

  • Exportable data available by zip code, city, state, region, nation and custom client geographies which can be added by request for anywhere in the world.
  • On-line historical data going back to 1993 for thousands of locations all across the world and custom aggregations.
  • Data available by day, week, month, season, or year for most variables.

Visualization tools include charts, tables, calendar views, maps, and exportable Excel/CSV files

  • Exportable charts provide a graphical look at how temperatures and precipitation change year-over-year making it quick and easy to pick out the most favorable time periods.

Historical maps back to 1993

  • Data available by day, week, or month.
  • Variables available for mapping include: hi/low temperatures and differences vs. LY; and total precipitation and changes vs. LY.

Short range forecasts days 1-14 for any geography

  • Data available by day or week.
  • Variables include: temperatures, wind, humidity, sunshine hours, UV, rain/snow, radar, and several more.

Long range maps are available for 1-11 months out

  • Data available by day, week or month.
  • Variables include: hi/lo temperatures and differences vs. LY; and total precipitation and changes vs. LY.

Hundreds of syndicated reports written by our Chief Meteorologist and Business Meteorologists

  • Historical monthly summary reports for the U.S., U.K., Canada, G-20, and dozens of other countries on demand.
  • Weekly summary and 4-week outlook reports for U.S. (4-page report issued every Monday), Canada, U.K. and dozens of other countries on demand.
  • Long range forecast reports issued monthly for the next 11-months for the U.S., Canada, U.K. and custom reports on demand for dozens of other countries.

Time period assessment tools to show how any user-defined forecast compares to the past 20-years

Automated, custom severe weather alerts across any geography

Push data feeds across any geography/timeframe

Analysis of sales data vs. historical weather data to precisely determine weather’s impact on your business

  • Demand Planner for your specific product to better time marketing campaigns and improve inventory replenishment systems.